Sometimes we have prizes to give away. Sometimes we don't. If we do, here are the rules.

The Fine Print

Riders will have the chance to win prizes. Prizes are awarded by random raffle ticket drawing. All riders will receive a prize ticket, and riders may have the chance to earn extra prize tickets. Extra prize tickets and prizes may also awarded to participants at the discretion of the GONG Ride organizers or sponsors. There is no cost to enter the GONG Ride. Winners are responsible for collecting and carrying their prizes. Some prizes may be awarded during the ride. Prizes may be limited to one prize per person. Must be present to win.

How to Win

Here is a partial list of the ways in which a rider may earn prize raffle tickets:
  • Pre-register for the ride (one ticket).  See Register.
  • Mail a postcard (one ticket).  See Register.
  • Show up for the ride (one ticket).
  • Complete and sign a waiver (one ticket).  See Ride Resources.
  • Bring a functional gong (two tickets).
  • More!  We try to think up new ways to award prize tickets.

The Prizes

Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get some teasers about the prizes and learn about new ways to earn prize raffle tickets.  Some prizes are quite substantial.