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posted Jul 18, 2013, 1:24 PM by Scott Redd

Disclaimer:  Please be reminded that the GONG Ride is strictly a ride at your own risk event.  There is no support.  No one is responsible for your safety, or the safety of your belongings.   You are responsible for you and your stuff.

Contact Info:  Even though this is a self supported ride, we'd like to ask your cooperation in keeping track of everyone.  In addition to your signature on a waiver, we'd like to get your cellphone number.  Please take a moment to respond to with your name and 10-digit mobile number.  If we can get this info in advance, it will save time on Saturday.

Finish or Did Not Finish: Since we don't have checkpoints or a finish line to check off folks as they progress through the course, we're going to ask for your help.  When you are done with the ride, or have dropped out, please send a text message to 402-595-8025 and let us know your status, along with your name.  If we don't hear from you by late Sunday morning, we'll start calling.

Waiver:  Everyone will be required to sign a waiver.  No waiver = no prize tickets.

Water:  There is a water fountain at the Walnut Creek Recreation area.  There is a spigot, too, but we're not sure if it will be locked.

Food:  Bring picnic food to Walnut Creek Recreation Area if you want.

Restrooms:  There are primitive latrines at the Walnut Creek Recreation area.  You might want to take care of that business before arriving.  There may not be opportunities to stop at civilized restroom facilities along the route.  You can go off route to the various "Optional Support" locations on the cue sheets.  Do what you have to do while on route, but please be discreet.

Trash:  There are no trash facilities at Walnut Creek Recreation Area.  Pack-in/Pack-out.  Please don't toss trash into the latrines.

Parking:  Make sure you park in the right place, or you may have difficulty accessing your car.  Unload your car near the picnic area if you want, but leave your car at the Papillion / La Vista South High School on 108th St, south of HWY 370.  You can ride your bike from the school parking lot by accessing a connector trail near the tennis courts.  Follow the trail, and take the first left turn that you can.  Then follow the lake around clockwise until you come to the picnic area.  See this link for more information and maps:

Dust and Bugs: It's dry out there, so cars and even other bikes will kick up a lot of dust.  There are various gnats and flies around the river and creek valleys at dusk.  We recommend wearing some sort of eyewear to help keep your eyeballs comfortable and safe.  Clear safety glasses from a hardware store are a cheap and effective solution.

Frogs:  The little critters are hopping all over the roads near the river and creek valleys.  Don't kill yourself trying to avoid them, but try not to squish them as best you can.

Course Markings:  We will be marking most turns with a special two-inch reflector mounted on a wooden stake.  The reflector, which looks like a miniature red and white gong, will placed off to the side of intersections where a turn is required.  For example, if a right turn is required, the marker will be to the right side of the road, just before the road you want to turn on.  If a left turn is required, the marker will be to the left side of the road just before the road you want to turn on.  There will be some special arrow markers at selected turns.  The markers won't be visible unless your light hits them, so if you're unsure about a turn, be sure to scan upcoming intersections with your lights.  We'll demonstrate the markers during the rider's meeting.

Buddies:  It would be great to keep the group together, but it's natural to split into two or more groups based on a pace.  We recommend that you find at least one other person riding at your pace and keep them in sight at all times.

Social Media: We encourage you to take photos or post your experiences using Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  Please use hashtag #RideTheGong

Bridges:  Mind the gaps on the wooden bridges.  Some are big enough to grab a narrow tire.  Watch out for the slippery metal grates on the trail bridges, as well as the high lip that you'll have to hop up.  Yield to cars (and horses) at bridges.

Zombies:  To our knowledge, there have been no recently reported zombie sightings or incidents in the area.  However, be aware, and please be prepared to take appropriate evasive or defensive actions.

Prizes: There are various ways to get prize tickets.  Please help us remember how many prize tickets you should get.  At 7:45pm - 8:00pm, we'll draw tickets out of a hat.  If you have the matching number, you'll come up and pick one prize from any of the numerous items our generous sponsors have donated.  Don't automatically pick the highest value prize just because it looks expensive.  Consider picking something you actually want or need.  If that happens to be a high dollar prize, then that's fine.  Pick the item and walk away guilt free.  Once you've won a prize, you will be ineligible to win more prizes.  However, if everyone wins a prize, we'll begin again and start drawing.  We'll keep going until all the prizes are gone.  Please be prepared to carry your prize with you, or stow it in your car before we leave.

Extra Prize Tickets:  Before the drawing, you'll have an opportunity to buy extra tickets for $1 each.  This will increase your chances to win, and the money gathered will go to help pay for GONG Ride expenses.

Special Prize:  There is one special prize that is both priceless and worthless, but comes with great responsibility.  After all prizes are given away, we'll have a separate drawing for the special prize.

The 2013 GONG Ride is Saturday, July 20, 2013.  Meet at the picnic shelter at Walnut Creek Recreation Area near 96th St and Gold Coast Rd in Papillion, NE.  Park at Papillion / LaVista South High School on 108th St.  Gather starting at 7pm.  Rider's meeting at 8:30pm.  We roll at 8:52pm.

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